8against8: Dorothy and Angela

October 27, 2008  |  essays, miscellany

All photography of Dorothy & Angela’s wedding by Molly Bennett.

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  1. two of a kind beats a straight…

    how cool is that? this wedding is rockabilly awesome.

    and what fantastic photos!

  2. Smoking wedding photos! Me likey! :) QRx

  3. I love the “how does Molly make an alley so damn sexy?” tag. Last year, I took some damn sexy photos of YOU in an alleyway, Mister. Very James Dean. Next time you’re in town, let’s do it again. Anyway, I think it’s the people I’m photographing that make the alley sexy…though I do personally find alleys to be incredibly sexy places, so perhaps it’s just my biased viewpoint doing the work. ;)


  4. That first picture is to die for!

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