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August 28, 2008  |  essays

I was privileged to be interviewed by Ellie over at for her Bedroom Radio podcast and our discussion went up just last night. Download episode #21 and hear us chat about gender, sexuality, butch breasts, and all sorts of things. (I was sipping on James all through the interview, so in my head I got less and less coherent by the end of the discussion. I haven’t listened to it yet, we’ll see how much that came through.)

Ellie’s podcast is pretty darn great, if you aren’t listening to it; she often reviews toys on her podcast by, ahem, trying them out. And she’s super smart about sex and gender.

Oh, and I read an excerpt from The Diner on the Corner, the winning Sugarbutch Star submission last year during the interview too.

You know the deadline’s coming up, right? September 1st is Monday. I have quite a few submissions so far – get ‘em in soon, I’m already attached to a few of them.

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  1. loved it! i'm big on voices and thought yours was quite nice. :-)

  2. "A foot in both worlds", beautifully said. You were wonderful.

  3. Great interview you should do some more.


  4. That interview is what turned me on to Sugarbutch Chronicles. Huzzah for Ellie!

  5. Ok I’ve always loved you… but hearing your voice is awesome.

  6. I read the Sugarbutch Star Winner before, but hearing you read it is soooo different. Oh my god.

    Do you hold your breath when you are writing things like that??

    [ Thank you! (I take it that “oh my god” is a good thing?) I do tend to really control my air intake while I’m reading … it’s all about when you breathe. :) But when I’m writing stories, I tend to know that they’re good when I have to go jack off while I’m finishing the climax. – ss ]

  7. I admit I’m a sucker for your voice. It was a really great interview.

  8. You should have your own podcast. Stories read with that sexy husky voice of yours… Oh my, is it hot in here or is it just me?

    [ Thank you! :) I have certainly thought about it, I’ve done some performance of my work for the last six years or so, though honestly I can’t quite keep up with all the things I already have going on. Perhaps if someday I can find someone to fund me! – ss]


  1. What happened in August

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