a couple small things

a) July’s masthead will be up soon, I haven’t perfected the photograph yet. If you have ideas for future masthead taglines, or photos that you’d like to see featured, now’s the time to tell me!

b) Call for photographs – butches, bust out your swimsuits. After that butch breasts/bras feature, I’ve been thinking about butch suits. It is summer now, after all, and I betcha most of us aren’t in bikinis (mmmm bikinis) or one-pieces. Let’s see how you do it up at the beach or at the pool. Email aspiringstud at gmail.com with your photographs, preferably high quality, at least 300x500px. Include your name, a little byline if you want, what you’re wearing and why.

c) For the record? Lesbianism is not a “lifestyle,” and to call it such is belittling. It’s a sexual orientation or sexual identity.

3 thoughts on “a couple small things”

  1. Wendy Blackheart says:

    Lifestyle is such a stupid descriptor. I can’t even think of it with out remember a conversation my family was having when I was a kid.
    They were talking about some relative that was married *gasp!* to a black man, and then left him to go live an ‘alternative lifestyle’ (back when that phrase was in vogue). I was young enough to not know what it meant, and when I asked, I got yelled at.

    Since then, I haven’t cared for the word. Its always had a negative connotation since then.

  2. Essin' Em says:

    I totally agree with point #2.

    I keep asking myself why I'm writing for a site titled such (esp. since I don't identify as a lesbian), and then I realize that maybe my lil' ol' queer self can infiltrate and cause change from inside…

  3. Essin' Em says:

    By point 2, I mean 3. C. Headdesk.

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