Sugarbutch Star: WINNER!

I’m back from Salt Lake City & my short Southwest roadtrip! Lots of catching up to do.  

By a landslide: the winner of the 2007 Sugarbutch Star Contest is Essin’ Em, who submitted the scenario for the story The Diner on the Corner.

Congratulations! And thank you, for the fabulous … submission.

Your prize, darling, consists of the following:

  1. Smut books! A particularly fabulous sex toy store has donated On Our Backs Volume 2 and Best Lesbian Erotica 2007 (in which I have a story).
  2. “I was a Sugarbutch Star” tee shirt!
  3. Chapbook containing all of the Sugarbutch Star stories
  4. Last but not least … a night on the town with me, should you chose to accept it, when you visit this ol’ city next … rest assured, there will be dinner and debauchery.

Shannon’s story The Photo Shoot was the second favorite, and I’ve got a few little things for her, too …

  1. Copy of Switch Hitters, a book of smut stories where gay men write lesbian erotica and lesbians write gay male erotica – one of my personal favorite collections
  2. Chapbook containing the Sugarbutch Star stories

Thank you, so much, to all the folks who sent in story outlines, to all the stories I chose to write up: Lady Brett Ashley, birdAvah, Grey, the Femme TopJennifer, Bad bad girl, Madeline, Jefferson. This was a really fun contest, and though it took me way too long to finish up, I think I may just do it again!

8 thoughts on “Sugarbutch Star: WINNER!”

  1. Rona says:

    You should sell those chapbooks :)

    [Definitely will be! All the Sugarbutch Star finalists will get a fancy one, and then I'll have copies available on the site soon. – ss]

  2. Essin' Em says:

    Yay! I'm so excited :)

    Thanks for putting this on, and again, wonderful stories, all of them. The chap book will be read quite often, I assure you.

    We'll have to arrange for June :)

  3. Shannon says:

    Such a wonderful project.. I hope you decide to do it again ~

  4. muse says:

    I just read winning entry again, and fuck if that isn't the hottest. story. ever. Sin, you really are the bee's knees of smut.

    and really, they're all that good. I want a chapbook, like, now.

  5. lady brett says:

    congrats essin' em!! a very well deserved win =)

    and congrats to all y'all!

    and, well, what muse said. couldn't say it better!

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