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onward & upward, gender explorers!

05/29/2008  |  5 Comments

Lots of great comments on Tuesday's post about my own frustrations with the discussions on this site - I'm replying... more

Protected: free falling instead of bracing myself

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The update on Penny (because I know most blog readers are voyers, after all).Mostly, things are damn good between us.... more

eye candy: lauren

05/28/2008  |  9 Comments

"This is my fiancé Lauren. She is the sweetest piece of boy I've ever had. And the best friend, too."... more

gender frustrations and clarifications

05/27/2008  |  16 Comments

I haven't been posting much of substance here since the heated discussion On Misperceiving Someone as Femme or Butch and the... more

pink & bent: queer women art exhibit in nyc

05/19/2008  |  14 Comments

The opening reception for Pink& Bent: Art of Queer Women is tomorrow night here in New York City. One of... more

call for interviews with lesbians

05/19/2008  |  1 Comment

Just got this from Felice Newman, author of the Whole Lesbian Sex Book (which is fantastic, by the way). She's... more

tough guise: compulsory masculinity

05/16/2008  |  5 Comments

This video, Tough Guise: Violence, Media, & the Crisis in Masculinity narrated by Jackson Katz, was something I first watched... more

eye candy: extra dirty

05/15/2008  |  14 Comments

"This is me (with the glasses) and my girlfriend K. drinking extra dirty martinis at Dances of Vice in New York... more

Protected: open up for me. you’re mine today

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"That's right ... open up for me," I murmured in her ear - fist in her hair, holding her mouth... more

editor’s choice in Sugasm #131

05/13/2008  |  1 Comment

This Week’s Sugasm PicksKink “A bill outlawing the possession of “extreme pornography” is set to become law next week.” M is for... more