last of the birthday photos

April 13, 2008  |  miscellany

birthday - lady brett 2
As promised, the second photo from Lady Brett Ashley -
this time, in drag. Gorgeous!


birthday - melissa
Special shot from Melissa, who writes: “My picture does not show any skin,
but that’s the beauty of it. Although it does contain 2 of my favorite things:
my ‘baby’ and the shoes that stop them dead in their tracks …
4 inches and a size 5!”


birthday - black&blue
Mmm … beautiful stockings & heels from black&blue

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1 Comment

  1. this makes me so upset that i can't find my camera cord.. because i just bought a new tripod and everything and i have a great idea. *sigh*

    [There's still time, when you find it :) Consider it an ongoing call for photograph submissions. - ss]


  1. what happened in April

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