eye candy: “Womyn in Construction” series

April 28, 2008  |  miscellany

womyn in construction 1

womyn in construction 2
Two shots from photographer Laura Placencia’s series,
“Womyn in Construction.”
Laura adds: The two womyn in the pictures are Elsa and Tania,
a pair of lovely butches who helped me build a runway for the
butch/femme fashion show Sappho’s Return did two years ago
at the LA gay & lesbian center … and all I had to do was
bat my eyes and say ‘pleassseee.’

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  1. This is like my fantasy in picture form. swoon.

  2. oh, gawd, and there is a series of these pics? and to whom to I give thanks?

  3. tool belts, mmm. gar-juss.

  4. Cyn,

    I took them :) It was a lovely afternoon indeed taking shots of these beautiful butches! if you want to email me I can show you the rest of the series :)

    -Laura Luna (fridakahlo78@hotmail.com)

  5. and where do I find them? (I couldn’t on my own… and I REALLY NEED to find them)

  6. gotta love the tats on the burgundy-pants one!

  7. I have one yor series!
    love the pictures!

  8. Oh my god. this is where I am at! Thankyou so very very much for brightening up my day.

    pfffft. nuff said. I'm spent x

  9. I think I have some things at my place that I could use some help fixing… Please…


  1. what happened in April
  2. eye candy: buxa

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