my favorite harness: review

February 26, 2008  |  cock confidence, reviews

My very favorite strap-on harness, reviewed over at Eden Fantasys. It meets my three major requirements for harnesses:

  1. interchangeable O-rings,
  2. thin harness straps that hit my clit, and 
  3. g-string style, also so it hits my clit

I love how small it is, it’s easy to conceal and comfortable under clothing, and it’s nylon so it washes so easily. Plus? It’s only $16.

Have you used this harness, or one similar? What’s your favorite harness style, & why? Leave a comment here or, better yet, over at the Eden review.

My other reviews for Eden:

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  1. Totally want to get a harness like this one. The last time we were in a sex store was in Provincetown and the lady who owned the store was showing a similar harness to a girl. She told her "honey, I've been fucking girls since before you were born and I know how to do it right" and she put the harness on over her clothes to demonstrate how to properly wear one (sadly without the dildo). Ah, good times. I regret not buying that one.

  2. Nice clear review. I'm currently look for a harness, and I can't decide g-string or double strap. I'm curious if you have ever worn g-string underwear? I'm not a big fan of them, which makes me wary of the g-string harness, but I'm not sure if the feeling is similar? I'm also hesitant to get something that would cut off access that much.

    [I'm definitely not a fan of g-string underwear, but I still love the g-string harness. If you want access, though, definitely double-strap is the way to go, g-string really doesn't allow that unless you loosen it - which is possible, but slightly annoying. --ss]

  3. I prefer the leather double strap with o ring change out due to the stability while stroking – nothing more frustrating than to have everything shift. I am in the market for something for packing which this seems much more doable.


  1. what happened in February

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