a queer symbol, a pagan symbol

I have returned from Seattle, and there is much to write about. Most of my closest friends in Seattle are very masculine-identified, some of them have transitioned, and I have returned with some new ideas about butches, masculinity, transfolks, my own body, my own sense of self.Also, I got a tattoo. That white star on the underside of my right wrist that I’ve been talking about for a long time. It’s visible especially when shaking someone’s hand. I love it.

I still want the birds. They’ll be next.

The Sugarbutch Star contest is so close to done, I can practically taste it. I’ll have a roundup post coming, with excerpts from each entry and links to the full thing, to remind you of them, before we start voting. I’m hoping to to a reading (“Sinclair’s” first real appearance) of the finalists and announce the winner.

6 thoughts on “a queer symbol, a pagan symbol”

  1. Shannon says:

    Beautiful… can I say that? Hot, almost looks seared into your arm.

  2. Ms. Avarice says:

    branded.it's on my to do list.the star is lovely, tasteful.

  3. GreenEyedGrrrl says:

    I love it! Glad you went for it. It's subtle yet loud and also quite sexy.

  4. tongue-tied says:

    what a minute … you're queer?!?!:: grin ::

  5. DateDyke says:

    it felt good under my thumb.

  6. lady brett says:

    nice! love the white tatoo look

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