white tee shirt & jeans

November 28, 2007  |  journal entries

A new avatar. I’m just so damn fond of the button-down white shirt with the library of women studies books in the background, it’s hard to retire that photo. But it is more than a few years old, and this one is brand new. Here’s the old one, just for archival’s sake …

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  1. I like the new one a lot. Especially the background with all the words. It's very reflective of who you are. Darks jeans and white t-shirts… you can never have enough of either. Very nice.

  2. i like the words, too.

  3. oooh, looks very classy. I like, a lot.

  4. I'm a fan of the white shirt and jeans, also. I agree that it's hard to see the old photo go. It said so much to me, that one.

  5. Of hot.

    White shirts and jeans (especially white button-downs and jeans) are my favorite outfit on pretty much anyone. I haven’t sussed out why this is, although it is exceedingly easy to look good in white.

    Good? Hell. Smokin’.

  6. Well as I was trying to say, I like the new pic! It's got a lot of attitude that comes through in it. :) Looks awesome.

  7. Well shit, I guess if I had scrolled down a few millimeters, I could have left my comment on the appropriate post. Sorry about that.

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