sugarbutch entries, just in case

I “officially” emailed ALL of the folks who submitted Sugarbutch Star entries today. If you did not hear from me, and you did submit something, then I probably didn’t get it. I had some trouble with that aspiringstud(at) address, as in, apparently, it doesn’t work.Also, a friend told me today that she submitted two entries but I never received the second one. So please, if you haven’t heard from me, send your entry again. This time send it to aspiringstud(at)

And thanks! Can’t wait to keep writing these out.

** UPDATE: I figured out what was wrong with aspiringstud and it works now. I came across TWELVE more entries and that brings the total to 54 … holy smokes. I have no idea what to do with myself, I’m surprised and sa little shocked and totally turned on by all the amazing details and sex and fucken hot femme seduction that some of you have written to me. Oh my my … I am going to the gym now. Need a cold shower.

2 thoughts on “sugarbutch entries, just in case”

  1. Xtine says:

    Looks like I simply don't get to submit my entry: – aspiring stud – sent to; no error message; you apparently didn't get it – PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 5.1.1 No such user 33si2427923nfu

  2. Viviane says:

    Did you check your bulk mail folder?

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