submissions, so far

I’ve got four submissions so far. Keep ’em coming folks! Ten more days and the polls are closed.

So far, I’ve got some of the following ideas: a photo shoot, a dark & dirty bar, a back alley, a bathroom, a hitchiking scene, power tools, my bedroom, a femme, a straight girl, a “tough boi” working as a gardner. I like ’em all … it’s going to be hard to pick my favorites (assuming I get more than five submissions at all, of course, which I’m still a little nervous about).

3 thoughts on “submissions, so far”

  1. Bad Bad Girl says:

    I posted the pic for you on my blog, but you know- the straight girl/ dark and dirty bar thing sounds great…hint hint..nudge nudge.

  2. Ms. Avarice says:

    mine's coming soon, pictures and all ;) and it's different from the ones you've got so far!

  3. tongue-tied says:

    mine's in the works too …

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