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ungrateful: a faery tale

01/31/2007  |  3 Comments

I am not yourprince fucking charmingdespite what you mighthave heard. I can slayblue fire breathingdragons, save kingdomsbut princesses? I rescuedtoo... more

waiting is my favorite part

01/31/2007  |  3 Comments

If I had it my way, I would take back every time I said not I love you, but I... more

vice grip

01/31/2007  |  3 Comments

If she asked me the state of my heart, I would say: the barbed wire is built up thick, a... more

standing up

01/24/2007  |  No Comments

I went to see therapist for the second week in a row last night. I relayed the story of this... more

sunday scribblings: fantasy

01/19/2007  |  11 Comments

She is the fantasy, and I am the dreamer. Or perhaps it is she who is the dreamer: she is... more

Protected: exhaustion & the ex

01/10/2007  |  Enter your password to view comments.

I've chatted (online) with the ex-girlfriend twice in the last two days. I emailed her after the New Year: it... more

dark scribblings

01/09/2007  |  1 Comment

I'm afraid of the dark. Surely I've told you this. In the city really this doesn't matter so much, the... more