sex blog roundup: eat it up

thanks, Chelsea Girl! Sugarbutch Chronicles was featured at fleshbot for the 2nd time, with the post craving something sweet:

After minute after exquisite minute of my lips crushed against hers, sometimes desperately crawling into each other’s mouths, bones and muscles meeting, sometimes the gentlest paintbrush touch of only the top most layer of skin, we detangled. I let my arms rise from her body as if they were steam. Felt the echo of her touches. Her fingertips everywhere. Body against mine pressing at every angle. Her leg stretched out, knee over my lap.

what i mean is

when i say i feel the
of you
what i mean is
i feel you
in my skin
in my mouth
for hours


when i say you are my
what i mean is
i have never felt this
strings of energy
between us


when i say i’m
what i mean is
i don’t want anyone else
i don’t want you
to want anyone else
i want to leave
my mark on you
suck on your skin
a little too long
bite your

a little too hard

when i say i
what i mean is
my heart is the bird’s nest
in which i live
and i am ready
to take flight
i am ready
to give my heart away
i believe deeply
in the tools
of relationships
and i want to use
everything i have
to figure out
everything you have
to watch your heart soar
to hold you up sometimes
to let you in

what i mean is
i want to help you
be the very best you
you can be
because i feel
more like myself
my best, highest self
around you
because i make
so much more sense
when i am with you

everything i am
has built to this moment
to this connection
everything i’ve learned
is so i can survive
in this
with you
for as long
as we possibly can


four questions

  1. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone else?
  2. What’s the most romantic thing someone else ever did for you?
  3. What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever done for someone else?
  4. What’s the sexiest thing someone else ever did for you?

Bonus: I’m updating my sexmix cd/playlist. What are the sexiest songs to which to seduce, make out, and have sex?