Free eBook Download: BDSM murder mystery about dogs & neighbors

During the month of November, in celebration of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), author (and my good buddy) Amy Butcher is giving away ebook copies of her award-winning Nanowrimo novel Paws for Consideration.

Of course, if you get the ebook version, you will miss out on the awesome flip book—illustrated by Amy—in the upper corner of the book, which features Daisy the person zooming around in her wheelchair while Skittles the dog pees on the page numbers.


Paws for Consideration won the Gay Category at the 2013 San Francisco Book Festival. That now makes Paws for Considerationan “award-winning novel” . . . who knew?

It’s also National Novel Writing Month. Another cause for celebration not only for all the crazy writing happening but also because that’s where Paws for Consideration got it’s start.

So throughout November, you can download a free copy of Pawsthrough Smashwords. Enter your email in the form [on] and we’ll send you the download code. And if you enjoy, please give a shout out on Goodreads.”

Paws is an easy fun read, full of jaunts all over the Mission and Castro in San Francisco. I read it on a plane in basically one sitting last year when it came out, and I laughed out loud and cried when Skittles was found and was moved as the neighborhood characters found a way to come together and puzzle through someone’s death. I like how Daisy navigates through the heretofore unexplored world of BDSM in the Castro, the perspective is sweet and curious and accepting.

Oh yeah, there are play parties and sex and masturbation and flogging scenes and leather dungeons in this book too. And also lots of dogs.

It starts like this:

This is box title
For the briefest of moments, a question hung in the air between two damp noses. Daisy-the-person joysticked her electric wheelchair a little closer to Daisy-the-dog. Daisy-the-dog danced one cautious step backwards in response, slid a long tongue across the tip of her nose and tasted the dampened air, trying to decide if this hulking combination of vehicle and person was to be trusted. Daisy-the-person snorted too, and wiped a sleeve across her own muzzle. “Come on over here, you cutie, and give me some love!” she said, beckoning low with an outstretched hand.

The voice of Daisy-the-person carried way beyond the dog in front of her. She was the morning wake-up call for her neighbors, as regular as the bells ringing out from the steeple of Mission Dolores, only higher pitched. She patted her generous lap again, encouraging Daisy-the-dog to come closer.

To the canine, it wasn’t clear where chair began and person ended. The way this creature moved, the wheels and the whir, were disconcerting. But she smelled good—of oily chicken scents and warm lint—and she wasn’t moving now. Daisy-the-dog decided to take a chance.

Now, don’t you want to read the whole thing? Go download it now.

Free Alpha Femmes #pornparty Tomorrow! And You’re Invited

Y’all didn’t forget about the #pornparty tomorrow, did you?

All of you folks who are going, “I WISH!” right now, well—you CAN. This isn’t an in-person event in New York City, this event is virtual, happening online. All you need is a net connection and some time to yourself (or, some friends or roommates who are into watching queer porn.)

It’s a worldwide gathering on Twitter of folks who like queer porn. I pick a porn for us to all watch together, then we all log on at 6pm PST / 9pm EST, press play at precisely that time, and follow the hashtag #pornparty while we watch the film for commentary and discussion. If you want to join in, make sure you have your own Twitter account, too, and tag your posts with the hashtag so we’ll all see them.

NOTE! If your Twitter account is private, we won’t be able to see your #pornparty tweets show up under the hashtag. If you want to join in on the conversation (hope you do!), you may have to unprotect your Twitter account.

Tomorrow night, we’ll be watching Alpha Femmes through Hot Movies For Her, and viewing this film is completely free. You don’t have to buy it or download it or purchase VOD minutes to watch it with us. You will need a account (which requires a credit card for verification purposes), and simply use the code “AlphaFemmes” (which IS case sensitive) when you sign up and you’ll receive 90 minutes free to watch with us! Those 90 minutes will expire Tuesday morning, so watch ’em quick!

So all you have to do is:
1. Make a account, if you don’t have one
2. Use the code “AlphaFemmes” to get 90 free minutes
3. Tune in tomorrow night! January 16th at 6pm PST, 9pm EST
4. Enjoy the film with us
5. Follow & contribute to the Twitter discussion with the hashtag #pornparty

You can also follow me (@mrsexsmith) as well as some of the porn stars in the film, like @fatty_d, @sydblakovich, @jizlee, @playwithpuck, @girlvert, @sarahleesinful, @akiraraine, @cadencestjohn, Alpha Femme’s director & producer @annadevia, and of course our fabulous #pornparty host, @hotmovies4her on Twitter.

Anna Devia is giving away 5 signed copies of the Alpha Femmes DVD at 6pm—right when we start the #pornparty—on Twitter, so go on over to her Twitter account and follow her or RT her to enter to win one of them.

So, are you game? Who’s in?

I’m planning to do more of these this year, so: are there any other queer porn films you’re dying to see? I will take requests.