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Ferver: Poems from the East Village (2007)

Ferver: Poems from the East Village
Pleasure Boat Studio: A Literary Press, 2007

From the press release:

Fervor: Poems from the East Village is a celebratory exploration of the rituals of love, loss, and desire in relationships. The collection sifts through the inner emotional landscape of the development of romance through chivalry and gender dynamics, following the destruction, mourning, and healing as relationships grow, change, and end. The urban textures of New York both amplify and distance human connection and relation as the city itself becomes a lover.”

Fervor Table of Contents

01 A Tiny Revelation
02 Me In A Nutshell
04 The Trowel
05 How To Forget Me
06 Hindsight
08 Ungrateful: A Faery Tale
09 What I Haven’t Told You I Believe About Love
10 Why The Tattoo Must Be White Ink
12 Meteor
13 Rebounding
14 How To Survive Your First Year In New York City
16 Can You Feel That?
17 This Is How She Sleeps
18 Four-Chambered Heart
20 Hemlock
21 Twice Is Carelessness
22 The Blue Bowl
23 My Sprinkle
24 Visibility
25 The Ending You Don’t Want To Hear
26 Wings & Sewing Machines
27 What Happens When A Friendship Ends
28 Butch/Femme 101
30 Scattered Sugar

Valence: Fools Gold in the Shape of Poems (2005)


Valence: Fools Gold in the Shape of Poems
Self Published, 2005
Edition of 100

Covet: Poems 2001-2002

Covet: Poems 2001-2002
Self Published, 2002
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