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a bruise, and heels

07/07/2008  |  4 Comments

In celebration of my ticket to the Femme Conference, I thought I might dig out this photo of The Femme... more

Sugarbutch Star: the femme top

08/16/2007  |  7 Comments

This is an honorable mention Sugarbutch Star submission from the femme top. And yes I know I never posted about... more

in which sinclair fists

07/11/2007  |  8 Comments

I know - finally! Part three of three "So," I begin, "can I touch you?" She doesn't hear me. I have a... more

in which sinclair gets off

07/05/2007  |  7 Comments

Part two of three It's a challenge for me to be explicit about the sex I receive, for two reasons: there... more

in which sinclair bottoms

07/03/2007  |  6 Comments

Part one of threeI'd never been with a girl who identified as a top. All the girls I've slept with,... more

kiss & tell

07/02/2007  |  3 Comments

The inside of my bottom lip is still swollen and a bit tender where she bit hard. And I'm bursting... more