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Open Relationship Mini Interview with Parks: This is Magic, I Promise

12/28/2012  |  No Comments

Parks Dunlap. 1. What insight about polyamory/open relationships would you share with your younger self? ... more

It Gets Better. Also … Grief. Please #stayalive.

09/29/2010  |  8 Comments

September 9th: Billy Lucas, 15, in Indiana, killled himself over anti-gay bullying. September 13th: Cody Barker, 17, in Wisconsin, killed himself... more

further thoughts on privilege & gender

02/22/2008  |  7 Comments

One more thing: To Belle, and to the femmes I've dated and fucked and longingly admired: Thank you. Thank you for swooning... more

passing, privilege, & butch/femme

02/22/2008  |  6 Comments

In response to what Belle wrote about privilege, guilt, and butch/femme: I can't speak (write) for all butches, and I do... more