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Want to attend the BUTCH Voices 2013 Conference for free?

07/01/2013  |  No Comments

BUTCH Voices 2013 national conference postcards are here! Rife designed them, and I love how they turned out.Now, we... more

Open Relationship Mini Interview with Gina Mink: Jealousy is Normal

12/17/2012  |  No Comments

Gina Mink1. What insight about open relationships do you wish you had when you started?I wish I had any insight... more

I’ll Be At Dark Odyssey Summer Camp in September

08/05/2011  |  2 Comments

Have I mentioned that I'll be at Summer Camp this year?I'm really excited to go, I've heard about it... more

Some Spring Cleaning

03/17/2011  |  5 Comments

I'm trying to do some morning pages every day, and sometimes those turn into blog posts, so you might be... more

Nominations Needed for Top Hot Butches

10/29/2010  |  43 Comments

With the relaunch of the Top Hot Butches project, I am including different people than last year, in a totally... more

The Relaunch of Top Hot Butches

10/27/2010  |  19 Comments

So you may have seen me Tweeting about the relaunch of the Top Hot Butches project, which I've been working... more

Quick Anal Interview: YOU!

05/12/2010  |  3 Comments

Okay folks, Anal Week is coming to a close, you've had a chance to read Quick Anal Interviews with Dylan... more