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Much of the archives of Sugarbutch are under password-protected posts, but this isn’t because I don’t want you to read them. I do. It’s just a challenge to have my very personal inner diary thoughts out there in public for anyone and everyone to read at any given point.

So I’m filtering the more private posts, just a little. This way it’s just a little bit harder for my fourth-grade teacher or my mom or my ex to read the sexual and relationship details of my life.

If you want the password, I’d be glad to give it to you. Just do this little thing for me: join the monthly Sugarbutch mailing list. I don’t send things out very often (monthly is probably an exaggeration), it’s just another way for me to let you know when there’s something really important going on.



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There is a second mailing list, which is slightly different, and automatically emails you posts on Sugarbutch once a day. This is great for folks who really like to read Sugarbutch (or other blogs), but forget to check them. If you check your email, well, here ya go—Sugarbutch right to your inbox.

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