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Protected: how deep the bruise goes

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There is so very much to write about, I'm not even sure I can keep it straight.1.My birthday is next... more


03/21/2007  |  1 Comment

I am delicate. This tough guise comes along with the collared shirts - briefs - jackets in mudpuddles - but it is only... more

pure possibility

03/21/2007  |  2 Comments

There were a couple of interesting comments on that post yesterday, related comments, specifically about "just being" rather than working... more

feeeeed me

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questions from Viviane

03/16/2007  |  3 Comments

Questions from Viviane over at the Sex CarnivalWhen did you start blogging?in 1998 I started the only feminist blog... more

naming, like eden

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S. will now be known as Callie. I'm still going through the archives to change her name in all those... more


03/13/2007  |  1 Comment

I am currently exploding in tiny nebulae (nebulaes? plural?) behind my eyes under my fingerprints inside my bones where the... more

"queer butch" does not equal "lesbian"

03/06/2007  |  4 Comments

I've mentioned this before, I think, but: I am a performance poet. I write, and perform around New York City... more

highest day so far

03/05/2007  |  2 Comments

Jefferson, sweet man that he is, included my recent "guilty fantasies" post in his Valley of the Twenty-somethings Fleshbot sex... more

written conversations

03/01/2007  |  2 Comments

A conversation with Morgan. In print, it seems so long! It didn't feel that long when we were chatting.I have... more