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postscript: about the apartment

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ps, my new apartment is amazing. Bee and J. spent the last two days (while I was at work) building... more

Protected: in which things begin, again

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Things have been overwhelming lately, to say the least. My sister (Bee) came into town last Monday, and I had... more

Protected: lucky?

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A bird shat (is that really a word?) on my head this morning. Supposedly, this sort of thing is lucky,... more

for Ally, because she kept me up late last night

09/22/2006  |  2 Comments

tongue to the back of your knee ankle to the top of my shoulder waiting for that moment of permission to slide inside slide insidepalm to the camber... more

Protected: needing the north star

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I can't do this much longer.In fact, I can't do this at all.I have almost set up my life such... more

an excerpt from something upcoming

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Her tongue on my clit. Soft, so soft, and exquisite. Circling rhythmically and I’m straining at every pore of my... more

just wrap tongue over cunt

09/19/2006  |  1 Comment

I just heard that a new story of mine was accepted into an erotica anthology due out in the spring... more

you cum like a girl

09/15/2006  |  3 Comments

I want one.

Protected: things will be different later

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I have returned from Seattle.I thought I would have time to write from there, but of course I never did.... more