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Protected: drawing thicker lines

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Though The Girlfriend and I "broke up" about two weeks ago, it wasn't until this weekend that things really began... more

delivered, unintentionally

07/31/2006  |  1 Comment

Today, I saved a little fuzzy yellow caterpillar in Rockefeller Center. It was be-boppin' along on the (cement) stairs trying... more

Protected: proving it vs giving up

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I am wavering and it isn't good for my constitution.Everything has gotten so complicated now that I am listening to... more

flight and migration

07/25/2006  |  3 Comments

A red balloon tattooed on the side of my lower right leg. Small, simple, looked like it was floating, maybe... more

The ABCs of Intimacy

07/21/2006  |  No Comments

an article my mom forwarded to me this week. Thought you might like it too.The ABCs of Intimacy - a... more

Protected: when is it enough?

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That's not all I wanted to say, but I'm not sure what's missing.I'm not sure what to do from here.... more

Protected: revelations about myself

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sometimes I'm really an asshole. okay, not an asshole, exactly, but egotistical. I somehow forget my part in things, or... more

Protected: fighting

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well, this is interesting. The Girlfriend just called and said she's thinking about coming home from Africa early, she doesn't... more

new rules for being me

07/11/2006  |  No Comments

dear self,it's okay to be scared. it's okay to be a little mad at me, but don't be too hard... more

something has to change

07/11/2006  |  No Comments

dear girlfriend,we've been together almost four years and it isn't, i'm not sure what else to say except that.i'm... more