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Hi! I’m Sinclair.

I’m a queer butch, feminist dominant, identity theorist, strap-on expert, and a poet. Since 2006, I’ve been writing here about power dynamics, kink, personal empowerment, and activism. I love the intricacies of reconciling feminism and BDSM practices, and of getting and keeping a really satisfying sex life. No—not just satisfying, but mind-blowing. Oh, and I write lots of dirty erotica, too.


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At Daddy's Feet, Guest Post by rife

Content warning: the characters in this story are consenting adults. This story contains sex, explicit daddy/boy language and roles, and sexual foot play.

We’re watching porn in the living room, mirrored from your phone. You choose the channels, mostly girls — too young and shining for me — getting ravaged. Sometimes they seem drugged, or truly distressed.

I am at your feet, of course. I’m not allowed a vibe, not yet, so I’m stroking with my fingers and I have a toy inside, filling me. I am watching dutifully but key sneaking glances up at you.

You are filling the couch with your bulk, big thighs spread powerfully. You palm the dick you are wearing while the full size vibrator underneath rumbles the dick you are not wearing. You push it tighter against your skin and then pull it up and away rhythmically. You lick your lips and settle back in to the leather cushions.

I feel the weight of your calf as you drape your bare foot across my strong bare shoulder. I turn my head to the side and give a tentative lick. You moan deeply and press your toes between my soft sweet lips. I let you in.

I turn onto my hip to give you more attention, eagerly lapping the sweat from the pads of your toes. You curl them and say, “Fuck, boy, that feels so good,” but you don’t look at me. You are watching the screen, the girl being used, imagining your cock in that pussy and how tight and sweet it would feel.

I suck you deeper, multiple toes now crowding my small mouth and you push it in further, greedily fucking my face while your hips buck into the vibrator involuntarily.

I abandon all pretense of watching and flip over to crawl hands and knees between your legs, belly prostrate on the ground before you like a worshiper of some old god. I’m licking and sucking hard, but I pause to rub my tongue down your instep, a massage that shows you how big you are.

You feel it right in your dick.

Your other foot snakes down to rub my face, and I lick it too. Both at once. You wipe my spit and your dirt carelessly over my cheeks, your foot a rough set of hands holding my head while your hands work your shaft, getting bigger and more firm with every stroke.

You’re still not looking at me, but if you were I’d be eyes closed, lost in the sensation of you, lapping you up and taking your rough calloused touch wherever you want to give it to me with reverence.

I hear moans from the tv and my little noises are lost in the atmosphere of pleasure.

You grunt at me to turn around, towards the screen. “Let me see that ass, boy.”

I lift my body up into hands and knees. You tap my ass twice with your foot, which is a sign I can use the vibrator, so I flick it on to the lowest setting.

From this position I can watch the porn again. You’ve changed it and now there’s a compilation of girls getting cum splattered across their fair cheeks and heaving tits.

I work the vibe up and down my clit while your eyes travel from the screen to my ass, tight hole full of the plug you shoved in my me before. Your feet absentmindedly knead the smooth glute muscles as you think about covering me with your come.

I’m having the same thought.

Without warning or lube, I feel you probe one exploratory toe into my slick hot cunt. I’m painting for you, rocking forward and back on my knees, fucking the vibe which pushes you deeper.

I thank you profusely and beg for more. “Fill me, please, Daddy. I need you. I’m a dirty boy.”

You grunt at me to shut up and raise the volume, almost kicking me with a rough jab deeper. You feel me drip down your foot in response.

“That’s good, boy. That’s my little slut. My footstool. My sex doll. You little bitch, humping my leg. You’d fuck anything, wouldn’t you, whore?”

I whimper and nod urgently.

You let me push back and envelop you with my hot embrace, and you’re buried deep to the ball of your foot, stretching me open. You feel my muscles ripple and tighten around your arch.

You pull out your foot and suddenly you’re on top of me, on your knees pressing the head of your dick against my eager hole. You fuck me rough, until your orgasm resonates through me so hard that I come too.

“Thank you Sir,” I murmur as I collapse into the ground in a heap.

“Good boy,” you reply as you tuck your dick back into your pants and finish your whiskey in one deep drag.

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