Let’s Chat

I’m available to have some conversations & coach you through different issues or puzzles that you’re working on right now. Here are a few options:

Sex & Relationships Coaching

We can talk about power dynamics, protocol, enhancing your dominance or submission; trauma, grief, break-ups, and BDSM; enhancing your sex life, increasing the satisfaction with your partner, and having more agency in your own sexual explorations; Tantra, sexual energy, and increasing pleasure; cock confidence, strap-on sex, and gender.

We also have the option of going through the Submissive Playground course one-on-one. There are four units — Bondage, Discipline, Service, and Masochism — and there is extensive content for each one. There are videos to watch, things to read, and homework pages to complete. I suggest at least two weeks between each unit to do

Or, of course, any combination of the above — those are just some ideas. Let me know how I can best support you, and what you’re going through, and we will create a plan that will support you. We’ll talk about whatever comes up.

Coaching Pricing

1-hour session: $100
5 1-hour sessions: $400

Submissive Playground sessions: I suggest five sessions: 1. Introduction & Bondage homework, 2. Bondage recap & Discipline homework; 3. Discipline recap & Service homework; 4. Service recap & Masochism homework; 5. Masochism recap and wrap-up the course. I will take you through those five sessions for $400.

I have two coaching slots per week available for $40. My therapist in New York City let me pay $40 for years because I was struggling with class and money so badly, and I promised myself I would pay it forward and always have a $40 coaching slot in my work. Email me when you book something.

Mini Tarot Reading

I have a personal style of tarot that is about tapping into our own intuition, our own inner knowing, to find a little support guide to keep moving forward. We are all in such constant change and flux, and sometimes going into the unknown is terrifying. The progression of the cards in the Tarot tell the story of growth and development, with guideposts along the way that can help support us in our versions of the story. It taps into archetypes and collective unconscious energies to reflect where we are and where we’re going.

It has been supporting me tremendously through some recent trauma recovery, and I’m incredibly connected to it right now.

All tarot readings will be thirty minutes.

Tarot Pricing

Pay what you want!

Since tarot is more of a hobby than a profession for me, I’m offering this more for fun than for profit. Suggested donation of $30 for the half-hour reading. I am only able to offer 5 Tarot readings per week, due to time.

Tarot Reading Options

One Card: What do I need to know in my life right now?

Three Cards: Custom spread. We will do a condensed, distilled ten-minute assessment of where you’re at, and I’ll customize a three-card spread for you. We’ll spend twenty minutes going over the spread.

In both cases, I will provide you with some text and images of your card(s) by email after our session.


Payment will be made via Paypal. If that won’t work for you, let me know and we can discuss another way to get it to me, there are many other options.

I will send you an invoice when you book our session.


Please let me know if you need to cancel. There is a link in the booking form, or email me and let me know. Please cancel at least 24 hours before the session; if you need to cancel day of, I request a $20 fee for a cancellation.

Here’s the booking form. Looking forward to speaking with you!

Contact me if you have any questions: [email protected]