You’ve probably noticed that there are dozens and dozens of online sex toy stores which “sponsor,” in a way, various sex blogs. How it works is that I have a special code that I use to link to their site, and when you go through that link and buy something, I get a small kickback from those purchases. Some of these companies also send me toys to review, which you’ve probably seen in the usual writings on this site.

I’ve worked with dozens of sex toy companies, porn sites, and other types of affiliates (like queer books and videos) and at this point I am VERY picky about who I choose to promote. Since there is no shortage of free sex toys, I carefully consider the ethics of the company I am promoting, their inclusion of women, queers, and sex-positive merchandise, and how they run their program is also a factor.

Toy Stores

Oh Babeland. I have to start here. This was the first women-positive feminist queer-friendly sex-positive sex toy store that I ever visited, back in 1999 in Seattle, and I attended many workshops, spent many hours reading their books in the store when I couldn’t afford to buy them, and talked to the employees extensively about their products. I learned so much from this store, their ethics, their politics, and their bulletin board for other events around the city, I will always be grateful for the education I received here. It is easy to shop here, accessible, and people are kind and fantastic. I review often for Babeland; see all posts with the “babeland” tag for reviews of products they carry.
JT’s Stockroom has a special arrangement with Sugarbutch Chronicles, as I have a whole affiliate shop with them at The Stockroom has some of the best bondage and kinky toys available, including floggers, crops, and other percussion toys, and bondage toys like cuffs and spreader bars. Check out The Stockroom if you’re looking for more advanced BDSM toys.
Good Vibrations started in San Francisco by Carol Queen, and along with Babeland was one of the first feminist sex toy stores I encountered. They’ve pioneered a lot of how this feminist porn shop stuff is now run, and they recently started a DVD releasing component, Good Releasing, featuring a lot of awesome queer and feminist porn directors.
Early to Bed is a great store based in Chicago that has a fantastic and friendly website. Their products are high quality and their staff is incredibly knowledgeable. From the owner, Searah: “Many years ago while shopping for sex toys at a store filled with tacky blow-up dolls, raunchy gag gifts and walls of over-priced vibrators, I asked the sales person a simple question about lube. The question was met with a blank stare while she grabbed what was closest and said “um… ah…I think this one is good…?”. It wasn’t good at all and it was at that moment that my mission became clear: Chicago needed a sex shop with smart staff people, fair prices and a warm, women-friendly environment. I wanted a place where anyone could ask a reasonable question about sexuality and not be met with a snicker or black stare. … I opened Chicago’s first women-owned, women-oriented, boy-friendly, queer and trans-positive sex shop. We have worked hard to support the local women’s and queer communities and will continue to do so in the future. With our ongoing workshops and outreach events, we are striving to provide a place where people can come to learn more about sex and themselves. It is my hope that Early to Bed will be known as not only a retail store, but as a safe space to explore sexuality and foster a sex-positive community.”
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store Eden Fantasys made a name by being one of the first sex toy stores that started giving bloggers toys to review, and they have hundreds of reviewers. I write a column for their magazine Sex Is called Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend.

Blowfish is “great products for great sex” and another fantastic queer feminist sex-positive sex toy store. I believe they don’t have any brick-and-mortar stores, only operate online. Check out their blog for some fantastic writing.

Specialty Toy Shops

Liberator is famous for its sex furniture, including wedges and pillows to help make positions in sex more comfortable and easier. They also carry high-end sex toys like vibrators. I highly, highly recommend the silk bondage sashes, they are luscious and beautiful.

For Your Nymphomation makes specialty locking cases to house your sex toys. Especially useful if you live in a house with people who might get into your things (your parents, your kids) and you want to keep your toys private. Also highly recommend the leather XL Flogger case, which is wonderful for housing your longer percussion toys.

Porn Video & Photos

Hot Movies 4 Her and Sugarbutch also have a special arrangement, where I have a “theater” powered by their fabulous porn selection at I choose everything that is included, and I highly recommend everything in that theater. I try to feature directors of films from the VOD regularly on Sugarbutch.
The Crash Pad Series by director Shine Louise Houston has significantly changed porn. Well, at least, it has significantly changed the way I look at porn. It started with Pink & White Productions first full-length film, The Crash Pad, which developed into the online series. Since then, it has had many seasons, and Houston has directed many other full-length DVDs and won all kinds of awards. I love the premise of the Crash Pad Series, I love the queer butch femme powerful and kinky folks that stop by to play in front of her camera, I love everything about it. If you’re not watching The Crash Pad Series, you’re missing out on some of the very best porn available today.
Heavenly Spire is another project by Shine Louise Houston, this time focusing on men and masculinity.
Madison Young is a porn star. She describes herself as “your kinky girl next door, award winning bdsm and fetish porn star,adult performer, director, published writer, artist and gallerist. I like rough queer sex and sharing my sexual explorations with you.” She is submissive, and one of my favorite submissive bottomy girls to watch on film. She also writes in the blog Kinky Feminism at Blogspot.
Buck Angel is “the man with a pussy” and has been producing and starring in porn for years. I first heard him on Savage Love a few years ago and thought, huh, this guy has a lot of interesting and great things to say. He has recently grown an educational component to his porn work, Buck Angel Entertainment.
No Fauxxx “was created by Courtney Trouble in 2002 and is the longest-running indie queer porn site on the internet. It began as a small personal project, and became a legend when friends, media, and the adult industry took notice. It is the oldest running “queer” porn site on the internet, and to this date the only porn site to mix alt, gay, lesbian, straight, trans, kink, bbw genres into one common site.” Lots of photo sets dating back to 2002, and starting in 2009, Trouble began shooting video also, and has produced many notable DVDs. nofauxxx

Good Dyke Porn
is produced by (and occasionally staring) Bren Ryder and features all sorts of hot dykes having sex. There’s also a corresponding DVD with some of the best clips included.

I Feel Myself is an internet phenomenon which is videos taken of people while they get off. Intimate and sometimes extremely arousing, worth seeing.

The Beautiful Porn is pretty.

Books & Other Media

Amazon Sugarbutch Astore (image from

Wolfe Video

Indie Bound

Other Special Things

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