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Waking Up

05/29/2010  |  3 Comments

I love waking up with Kristen.For one, she usually sleeps naked. I still sleep lightly with someone else in... more

Year One With Kristen (Happy Anniversary)

12/13/2009  |  13 Comments

Today, December 13th, marks the anniversary of my first date with Kristen. I didn't actually tell the story of how... more

The Dirtiest Kristen Stories

12/13/2009  |  1 Comment

Today is my one year anniversary of dating Kristen. There's another post coming shortly about our year together, but while... more

Follow-up: I’d Like To Fuck Her Ass

09/25/2009  |  17 Comments

Okay, some clarifications:1) Kristen has made it very clear that she's game to try anal sex, from the beginning, from... more

“Can I come? Please?”

07/07/2009  |  5 Comments

Kristen gets off easily. When we were discussing it last night, she said there's a point after we've been fucking... more

A Thousand Kisses

06/19/2009  |  3 Comments

I mentioned that last weekend marked six months that Kristen and I have been together ... one of the things... more


06/16/2009  |  7 Comments

These are some of the moments I remember, some of the flashes of motion that still play in my mind.Her... more


05/28/2009  |  7 Comments

Kristen sits on the edge of the bed. I kneel, take her calves in my hands, shackle the ankle cuffs... more

Protected: Kristen’s Birthday Weekend

05/27/2009  |  Enter your password to view comments.

Friday NightShe picked me up at the train station and we immediately went to work on the dinner party; it... more

Protected: Tee Shirt

05/19/2009  |  Enter your password to view comments.

The week we didn’t talk, I left my favorite black tee shirt at your house. It is worn down, so... more