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Protected: Um So Hi.

11/17/2011  |  Enter your password to view comments.

As dooce would say: YOU GUYS.But that's gendered language and I almost never address anybody as "you guys," especially not... more

When “Gender Expression” Means “Masculine”

06/09/2011  |  6 Comments

So you've heard about Babeland's new "Gender Expression" category, which I for one thing is awesome. But I want to... more

Nominations Needed for Top Hot Butches

10/29/2010  |  43 Comments

With the relaunch of the Top Hot Butches project, I am including different people than last year, in a totally... more

Ten Ways I Am A Gender Outlaw

10/08/2010  |  14 Comments

Today is the last day on The Great Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation Blog Tour, and I'm closing it out.... more

Review: Deluxe Packing Pouch

Review: Deluxe Packing Pouch

06/16/2010  |  4 Comments

"Excuse me, could you pass me my penis?"This is something NOBODY wants to say, especially not in a men's bathroom,... more

Review: Even More Bang for Your Buck 2

01/15/2010  |  No Comments

Buck Angel is known widely as "the man with a pussy" and is a hugely popular trans porn star. I... more

Bucking the System: Buck Angel Q&A

10/08/2009  |  1 Comment

Buck Angel, the FTM transsexual porn star known as "the man with the vagina" (who has given his permission to... more

“Is it a trans characteristic to wear a cock?”: Cock-centricity and Gender Identity

09/17/2009  |  12 Comments

Back in April, for Sugarbutch's third anniversary, I offered up an "ask me anything" thread where readers could ask any... more

On Removing Trans Men from the Top Hot Butches List

06/25/2009  |  61 Comments

So here’s the thing about the internet: the critical feedback is immediate, and publications are, unlike print, not static. Things... more

Butches & Trans Guys

06/23/2009  |  25 Comments

I know what butch is. Butches are not beginner FTMs, except that sometimes they are, but it’s not a continuum... more