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Review: Princess Peepshow Panties

March 22, 2011  |  reviews  |  5 Comments

Babeland sent on these for Kristen to try out, the Princess Peepshow Panties. Remember the Foxy Bombshell Panties from last fall? We liked those enough that she was game to try another pair by the same company.

And here she is wearing them.

They are super cute. I love the pink bow on the back and the high ass—the description says, “black lace curves to reveal the tantalizing bottoms of your butt cheeks.” They are “crotchless” panties, which, aside from there being very few other least-sexy words, it’s kind of strange. Instead of having just one strip of fabric between the legs, it’s got two, that kind of overlap each other and that can part in the middle to be opened. Instead of it being easier to fuck her that way, it’s kind of harder, since where as most panties you can just pull the center part to the side, this one has TWO center parts that have to be pulled aside.

Still, I dig the lace and it fits quite well, despite it being “one size” (though there are actually two, small or large). The black lace and pink bows and high-cut back of it are great, I think we’ll just end up kind of ignoring that whole “crotchless” feature.

UPDATE: Apparently, these are on backward in the photo. They do have another little tiny pink bow, but it makes so much more sense to me that the little bow would go in the front and the big bow would go in the back … but as soon as we can, I’m going to get her to try it on the other way, and maybe they won’t quite be that ass-less. Then again, maybe they are basically reversible.

The Princess Peepshow Panties were sent to me from Babeland for review. Pick up other sex toys from Babeland, still my favorite feminist, queer, friendly, educational neighborhood sex shop.