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what sex bloggers do when we get together

11/19/2007  |  15 Comments

Viviane's tea party of sex bloggers yesterday was yet again an amazing gathering. The conversation was mostly sex & general... more

gender dynamics in the sexblog community

08/15/2007  |  9 Comments

Welcome to the community, Colleen and Jake. Even just a few months ago the dyke-run sexblogs were few and far... more

a nice little tea party

06/12/2007  |  4 Comments

I attended a lovely little pervert's tea party on Sunday.I walked in to a lovely circle of sex bloggers and... more

let go, just let go

10/02/2006  |  12 Comments

I adore the sounds a girl makes when she's being fisted. Gutteral, that's why that word was invented, to describe... more