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Protected: With Expansion Comes Contraction

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Shoes & Thong

April 4, 2010  |  miscellany  |  3 Comments

From Sex in Power, via her website

Femme boots

April 7, 2009  |  miscellany  |  2 Comments

From Scarlet over at Femme Fagette

eye candy: Dani

August 6, 2008  |  miscellany  |  17 Comments

(click for the full size)

“Dani loves forensics, hip hop and rock, her animals, coffee, fishing, being choked and boobs. She gets called ‘sir’ at the coffeeshop when she holds the door, looks at me, and throws horns.”

Clockwise from top right:
“1. Reading “Butch Is a Noun” and learning that there are others. 2. Butch dyke with a cigar hanging out of her mouth? Yesplz. But it’s more the eyes. 3. Her son’s name on her hand, holding onto the knife, the boxers, the rainbow. The picture took itself. 4. One of my favourite photos of her.”

- photos by Alisha, she who photographs