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a queer symbol, a pagan symbol

12/11/2007  |  6 Comments

I have returned from Seattle, and there is much to write about. Most of my closest friends in Seattle are... more

a star on my wrist

11/05/2007  |  5 Comments

Last week, as I mentioned, Belle got two new tattoos, small ribbons tied in bows over her hip bones. I've... more

ready to take flight

06/03/2007  |  5 Comments

My sister willingly sketched the tattoo out on my shoulder with a permanent marker, and I love the way it... more

getting ready

05/22/2007  |  5 Comments

I think this will be the bird tattoo on my left shoulder, this summer. Or it will be something quite... more

flight and migration

07/25/2006  |  3 Comments

A red balloon tattooed on the side of my lower right leg. Small, simple, looked like it was floating, maybe... more