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Butch Lab’s Symposium #2 is Up!

04/11/2011  |  2 Comments

I posted way too much on Friday, so while the Butch Lab's second Symposium topic went live on Friday too,... more

Still Time to Contribute to Symposium #2

03/02/2011  |  No Comments

Butch Lab's Symposium #2 is in progress, and I have some great submissions so far! I'm compiling them this week,... more

Butch Lab Symposium #2, Feb/March 2011

02/15/2011  |  No Comments

WHAT IS THE BUTCH LAB SYMPOSIUM?The Symposium is a cross between a blog carnival and a round-up, where participants... more

Butch Lab Symposium #2: Call for Participation

02/15/2011  |  No Comments

Hey, writers and folks interested in gender!The next Butch Lab Symposium topic has been decided, after much deliberation, and... more

Symposium #1: What is Butch?

12/16/2010  |  3 Comments

The Butch Lab Symposium is meant to be a cross between a blog carnival and a link round-up, where whoever wants to chimes in on a particular topic around butch identity and we all have a conversation.more

Butch Enough: Butch Lab Symposium #1

12/16/2010  |  8 Comments

The problem with butch identity—well, any identity category of social, sexual, political, geographical, or other significance really—is permission. If you... more