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Is psychological kink play

Is psychological kink play “healthy”?

08/25/2014  |  6 Comments

Recently, I've noticed quite a few questions—both in the Submissive Playground course and in the Ask Me Anything box—concerning kink,... more

How things start to melt open

11/12/2013  |  4 Comments

After the poem "The Last Time I Slept in This Bed" by Sara PetersIf you’ve ever ripped apart your... more

Protected: How do you survive falling in love with people who ravage you? *

09/15/2008  |  Enter your password to view comments.

A bit of a messy journal entry, but for those of you who have been following my personal sagas, here's... more

How to Survive Your First Year in New York City

06/07/2007  |  5 Comments

(work in progress) I SummerImmediately in the city everything is just as hard as you’ve always heard it is: the disgusting humid summers.... more