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in which sinclair gets off

07/05/2007  |  7 Comments

Part two of three It's a challenge for me to be explicit about the sex I receive, for two reasons: there... more

in which sinclair bottoms

07/03/2007  |  6 Comments

Part one of threeI'd never been with a girl who identified as a top. All the girls I've slept with,... more

sugasm #57

12/06/2006  |  No Comments

Thanks to the Sugasm editors for picking a Sugarbutch Chronicles entry as the editors' choice. This is my second top... more

Sugasm #50

10/17/2006  |  No Comments

My post Let go, just let go is the editor's choice for this week's Sugasm, "the best of the sex... more

let go, just let go

10/02/2006  |  12 Comments

I adore the sounds a girl makes when she's being fisted. Gutteral, that's why that word was invented, to describe... more