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prepare yourselves

03/13/2008  |  No Comments

I know you're starting to not believe me about this Sugarbutch Star Contest coming to a close and all, but... more

Sugarbutch Star: Jefferson

11/27/2007  |  8 Comments

This is an honorable mention Sugarbutch Star submission from Jefferson. I have to include his original submission with the story... more

Sugarbutch Star: Avah

11/26/2007  |  4 Comments

This Sugarbutch Star submission comes from Avah of Designing Intimacy. Thanks Avah! Fucking a Porn Star The girl knew how to submit.Even... more

Sugarbutch Star: Madeline

11/09/2007  |  2 Comments

Madeline was the very first Sugarbutch Star, I could argue, when she made a lovely appearance in the post let... more

Sugarbutch Star: Bad Bad Girl

10/17/2007  |  15 Comments

I know, I’m extremely late on this. I’m attempting to breathe some new life into the end of the Sugarbutch... more

Sugarbutch Star: Bird

09/09/2007  |  6 Comments

Thanks to bird for this Sugarbutch Star scenario submission. I've been working on this for a few weeks now, it... more

Sugarbutch Star: Jennifer

08/21/2007  |  12 Comments

Sugarbutch Star honorable mention submission from Jennifer Popsicle in the Library "You know there's no food allowed in the library," I growl... more

Sugarbutch Star: the femme top

08/16/2007  |  7 Comments

This is an honorable mention Sugarbutch Star submission from the femme top. And yes I know I never posted about... more

Sugarbutch Star: Grey

08/15/2007  |  5 Comments

This is an honorable mention from the Sugarbutch Star contest, from Grey. Written from her perspective. I plan to post... more

Sugarbutch Star: Lady Brett Ashley

08/14/2007  |  2 Comments

Thanks to Lady Brett Ashley for this submission, the second of the five finalists in the Sugarbtuch Star contest. Threesome and... more