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Review: Aneros Evi G-Spot Massager

Review: Aneros Evi G-Spot Massager

03/09/2014  |  2 Comments

Maybe it's silly, and it's probably 99% an issue of marketing and what the majority of the population knows, but... more

It's Valentine's Day, so here's some Desert Island Toys

It’s Valentine’s Day, so here’s some Desert Island Toys

02/12/2014  |  1 Comment

It's Valentine's Day this week! You didn't forget it, did you? Well, you're lucky—if you place an order before noon... more

Ask Me Anything: What To Do With Old Sex Toys?

06/07/2011  |  2 Comments

Q asked:do you have any ideas for what to do with lightly used sex toys and accessories? They don't seem... more

Cock Confidence: Pack & Play

Cock Confidence: Pack & Play

02/08/2011  |  5 Comments

See also: My Packing Cocks 101 on SugarbutchSpeaking of pack & play cocks: There just aren't very many available right... more

Dear Mr. Sexsmith: Harnesses

10/08/2009  |  8 Comments

Dear Mr. Sexsmith:Can you recommend a company or a website that makes strap on dildos for plus sized women? i've... more

Cocks & Harnesses Recommendations

Cocks & Harnesses Recommendations

09/04/2009  |  3 Comments

This arrived in my inbox recently: Dear Sinclair,I'm transgendered so when I strap although some of the cocks are tempting to... more

Masturbation is Great! (Review: Off With Your Head Hitachi attachment)

09/02/2009  |  5 Comments

You know what sucks? Not getting off. And I really didn’t realize how often I did (ahem, just about daily)... more

Pleasurists #18

03/05/2009  |  No Comments

I don't usually submit to Pleasurists - I don't really consider myself a toy reviewer in the way that others... more

Review: Bow Restraints

02/18/2009  |  2 Comments

"I feel like a present," Kristen said, and whispered, "I kind of like being objectified." I like the bow restraints. The bow itself, and that it is locked with a key - very hot. Unfortunately, they're not so easy to get on and off, and they were a bit uncomfortable to wear, too.more

Review: Gee Whiz … the Hitachi Upgrade

01/19/2009  |  2 Comments

(It's actually a little challenging to write about vibrators ... seems very personal, which is weird, compared to all the... more