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Define: Cisgender

09/10/2008  |  8 Comments

In the recent past, gender activists have tended to use the term "bio" to define non-trans folks. As in, bio-male,... more

what’s in yours?

08/19/2008  |  17 Comments

What's in your box of darkness?[ Leave a comment, or write it up on your own blog & leave... more

if I had a red pen

08/12/2008  |  16 Comments

If I had a red pen that worked on internet web pages, I would go around and circle all the... more

Define: Transmasculine

08/11/2008  |  15 Comments

I've been adopting the word "transmasculine" to use to describe, generally, folks who were assigned female at birth who are... more

if I was being really honest

08/06/2008  |  19 Comments

If I was being really honest with myself, I would _________________. [ Leave a comment here or put it on your... more

if I could speak

07/28/2008  |  29 Comments

If I could speak with my own voice _______________________ [ Since y'all seemed to like that last one, here's another writing... more

if asked of the state of my heart

07/16/2008  |  39 Comments

if asked of the state of my heart I would say:   (fill in the blank in a comment or in your blog)

On misperceiving someone as femme or butch

05/08/2008  |  7 Comments

I often have conversations with folks who say that they have been perceived femme or butch, and they really don't... more