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Protected: Love Letter #10

03/09/2012  |  Enter your password to view comments.

Dear Kristen,I'm in Alaska, just arrived yesterday to be with my family as we plan my dad's memorial and... more

My Hands Are My Heart (Valentine’s Day)

02/12/2010  |  13 Comments

So ... what are you doing for Valentine's Day this Sunday?"My Hands Are My Heart," Gabriel Orozco, 1991Remember what... more


01/02/2009  |  4 Comments

I want you in the gloaming, in the grey / light of near-dusk, anxious to fade / the brightness of morning, midday, / the tragedy of sunset back into the / dim tones where we no longer strain // to see.more

romance vs chivalry

08/11/2008  |  16 Comments

What's the difference between romance and chivalry?Colleen and I had an interesting discussion a while back. The two can look... more

how much my heart can take

01/17/2008  |  8 Comments

A 23-year-old British woman recently had a chance to look at her own heart on display, part of The Heart... more

tear you apart

01/15/2008  |  3 Comments

My retaliation mix for Miss DD went out into the mail yesterday, but unfortunately I didn't realize that she can't... more

your love will not be light and gay

01/11/2008  |  3 Comments

Thanks for all the lovely comments on those last few posts; I have plenty to say about this crush, this... more

except when it does

01/07/2008  |  14 Comments

In retrospect, it seems so obvious. Of course it's hard to date while you're falling for someone else. Of course... more

in which there is a hurdle

01/07/2008  |  8 Comments

So. Miss DD and I are talking and chatting and falling.I sent her flowers on Friday. She called me at... more

four questions

11/01/2006  |  2 Comments

What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for someone else? What's the most romantic thing someone else ever did for... more