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Review: Butt toys from Adam + Eve

Review: Butt toys from Adam + Eve

06/07/2014  |  No Comments

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I have never owned anal beads. I know not... more

Ask Mr. Sexsmith: Tomboi vs RodeoH brief-style harness?

Ask Mr. Sexsmith: Tomboi vs RodeoH brief-style harness?

11/27/2013  |  13 Comments

Dear Mr. Sexsmith,Have you tried the Spare Parts Tomboi Harness? I saw your review of the RodeoH and agree with... more

Review (& Photos!): Aslan Leather TG Chest Harness

10/27/2013  |  6 Comments

Last year, Carrie Grey, creator and owner of Aslan Leather, custom built me one of his leather TG Chest Harnesses.... more

Review: Leather Ever After edited by Sassafras Lowrey (book)

02/27/2013  |  No Comments

I'm back in Texas, visiting Rife, and we have had a great time reading Leather Ever After aloud to each... more

Review: The Big Book of Pussy

11/18/2011  |  2 Comments

I returned home from the (very long and amazing) two week trip out west to this book waiting on my... more

Review: RodeoH Harness

Review: RodeoH Harness

10/17/2011  |  5 Comments

It seems like such a good idea, right? A cute pair of briefs with a hole in the middle to... more

Review: The Tantus Realdoe

Review: The Tantus Realdoe

09/08/2011  |  11 Comments

I've had a Tantus Feeldoe in my toy box for a few years now, and aside from reviewing it, I... more

Review: Crystal Delights Butt Plug

09/07/2011  |  No Comments

The Crystal Delight butt plugs are beautiful. They feature a Swarovski crystal at the base and is available in eight... more

Review: I’ll Show You Mine (Book)

09/02/2011  |  3 Comments

I'll Show You Mine edited by Wrenna Robertson is a beautiful hardcover coffee table book that came out in February... more

Friday Reads: More of This World Or Maybe Another

04/29/2011  |  1 Comment

I finished More of This World Or Maybe Another by Barb Johnson recently for the monthly queer book group I've... more