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Long Live the Butch: Leslie Feinberg & the Trans Day of Remembrance

Long Live the Butch: Leslie Feinberg & the Trans Day of Remembrance

11/20/2014  |  6 Comments

I sit in shock at my desk, though I knew it was coming, knew Leslie Feinberg was sick, and know... more

Radical Masculinity: Reinventing Our Icons

03/12/2010  |  No Comments

“Have you seen the Dockers ads?” someone asked me recently at a conference, after I told them I write about... more

Masculinity Icons: Happy Birthday, James Dean

02/08/2010  |  11 Comments

Today, February 8th, James Dean was born in 1931.I'm working on a piece for Radical Masculinity about masculinity icons, particularly... more

Year In Review On Sugarbutch: 2009

01/19/2010  |  5 Comments

Remember when I used to do monthly roundup posts? I only did the first three months of 2009, which I... more

Radical Masculinity #3: When Men Wear Skirts

12/31/2009  |  7 Comments

... is up at Carnal Nation!A little taste of what I discuss:One of my basic tenets of gender is the... more

An Emasculating Truth

12/11/2009  |  3 Comments

Update: This documentary is part of the recent ad campaign by Dockers about masculinity. I tweeted about these ads recently,... more

Radical Masculinity: How to Make Masculinity Stop Hurting

11/11/2009  |  No Comments

It's up!My second Radical Masculinity column for Carnal Nation is titled How to Make Masculinity Stop Hurting. Here's the beginning:... more

A Manifesto for Radical Masculinity (on Carnal Nation)

10/12/2009  |  3 Comments

I've got a new column on Carnal Nation called Radical Masculinity, and the first one went up two weeks ago.... more