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Thanks, Tomcats. I needed that haircut

09/13/2011  |  4 Comments

Gotta look snappy for Dark Odyssey! I thought I was going to head down to Baltimore tonight for that workshop... more

Some Butch Voices Photos from Cohn Frankel Photography

Some Butch Voices Photos from Cohn Frankel Photography

09/12/2011  |  1 Comment

Thanks to Lauren who was taking some shots at Butch Voices NYC and who snapped these of my Cock Confidence... more

Review: I’ll Show You Mine (Book)

09/02/2011  |  3 Comments

I'll Show You Mine edited by Wrenna Robertson is a beautiful hardcover coffee table book that came out in February... more

Congratulations, New York

07/25/2011  |  1 Comment

It's a pleasure to live here while New York made gay marriage legal.I don't think gay marriage is the... more

“You’re Into That?” and Another Photo of Me

06/02/2011  |  5 Comments

Somehow in May I had two beautiful photographs of me, both taken by professional photographers, published. And in case you... more

Happy 28th Birthday, Kristen!

05/20/2011  |  2 Comments

It's Kristen's 28th birthday tomorrow!I am as ever grateful for her in my life. I've never been so in... more

UW Madison tonight!

04/20/2011  |  1 Comment

Hey folks! I'm here in beautiful (rainy, snowy) Milwaukee, had a great time at The Tool Shed last night. And... more

Some Photos From the Birthday Weekend

04/04/2011  |  9 Comments

We stayed on Cape Ann, near Boston, where we explored some of Salem, Rockport, and Gloucester.  l-r top to bottom:... more

There Were Actually Two Porn Parties This Week …

03/24/2011  |  1 Comment

The one on Twitter, and Rough Sex 3: Adrianna's Dangerous Mind release party. Director (and general badass hottie) Tristan Taormino... more

A Queer, Divine Dissatisfaction

12/20/2010  |  12 Comments

You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep open and aware directly... more