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Protected: Knowland, Oakland

04/15/2013  |  Enter your password to view comments.

From the Oakland hills, in a park called Knowland.I'm working on routine. Seeking solace and stability. Courting the ghost... more

Protected: Closer.

04/10/2013  |  Enter your password to view comments.

There are still golden sparkles of light coming through the trees, in between the leaves, as the sun sets, but... more

Kink-Centered Photo Shoot by Bill Wadman

09/07/2012  |  4 Comments

Photographer Bill Wadman has taken numerous shots of me in the last few years. Most recently and notably, he took... more

The Femme Conference in Photos

08/21/2012  |  7 Comments

Kristen's Friday Femme Conference outfitJessica Halem hosts FemmeSpeak, the spoken word nightFran Fucking Varian reads at FemmeSpeakmy outfit for SaturdayKristen... more

Happy 29th Birthday, Kristen

05/22/2012  |  6 Comments

Kristen turned 29 years old yesterday.We both attended a Body Electric workshop over the weekend—I'm completely wiped and Kristen is... more

Help Syd London Get A New Camera

05/09/2012  |  2 Comments

If you've been lurking around Sugarbutch for a while, you know who Syd London is.Syd has taken many of... more

One Key Photograph From IMsL, Featuring Sara Vibes and KD Diamond

04/05/2012  |  2 Comments

So I have really a lot to say about my experience at the International Ms. Leather contest in San Francisco... more

Protected: Love Letter #11

03/17/2012  |  Enter your password to view comments.

Dear Kristen,We're back in Brooklyn after four days in Alaska. I'm still trying to just make it through the next... more

B is for Beautiful Photos by Syd London

02/02/2012  |  No Comments

I've had this post sitting in my drafts folder for a week or so now, and I can't figure out... more

Photos from the Last Sideshow

11/16/2011  |  2 Comments

After Cheryl died, the reading series she and I co-created took a hiatus. July 2011 was the last performance, and... more