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Protected: Making Peace: in which I (attempt to) explain what happened over these last eighteen months

10/02/2013  |  Enter your password to view comments.

I've been a bit paralyzed by the personal writing/journaling since that intense conversation here a few weeks ago. I feel... more

Feel into your own blooming: Celebrating the Body Erotic for Women in NYC

04/15/2013  |  2 Comments

I'm the national coordinator for the Body Electric School's women and queer programs, and I've been working hard on their... more

Events This Week in NYC: Smut Reading, Trans Photography Show, Butch Reading

06/06/2012  |  No Comments

Tonight!Come see D. L. King and Friends at Bluestockings in NYC Wednesday, June 6! 7pm Details on FacebookD. L. King, Sinclair Sexsmith,... more

Queer Memoir: Butch/Stud Through the Years in NYC Next Week

05/29/2012  |  No Comments

Since I haven't been able to get a calendar update up on Sugarbutch the last two months in a row... more

Outside the Boxes: Celebrating the Queer Body Erotic in New York City May 18-20

04/14/2012  |  No Comments

Though it seems like all I'm doing right now is touring and releasing a book, I'm actually doing a lot... more

Say Please Release Party in NYC This Friday

04/11/2012  |  1 Comment

There's a release party for Say Please this Friday ... this week is super busy, I know, but I'm really... more

Recent Sexual Assaults in My Neighborhood

10/26/2011  |  14 Comments

Unless you're up on the sexual assault news from random neighborhoods in the New York City area, you probably don't... more

For Cheryl

06/23/2011  |  No Comments

There are a few things coming up for Cheryl.The Last Sideshow, Tuesday, July 12th, at the usual time and... more

April 12 is Sideshow’s One Year Anniversary!

04/05/2011  |  No Comments

Can you believe it's been a year since Sideshow started?Cheryl & I have done quite a lot in that year,... more

Tomcat’s Barber Shop

03/28/2011  |  9 Comments

It's been a long time coming, this ode to my favorite barber shop in New York City. It took a... more