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tear you apart

01/15/2008  |  3 Comments

My retaliation mix for Miss DD went out into the mail yesterday, but unfortunately I didn't realize that she can't... more

your love will not be light and gay

01/11/2008  |  3 Comments

Thanks for all the lovely comments on those last few posts; I have plenty to say about this crush, this... more

what I’m grateful for

11/22/2007  |  4 Comments

Sugarbutch stands in an interesting place within online communities; I see it as touching on and fusing various subjects -... more

thank you ladies. you didn’t have to say that*

08/27/2007  |  6 Comments

Team Gina, Butch/Femme I like butch girls and I cannot lie you other femmes can't deny when a butch walks in, all the... more

gender is a sex toy

08/17/2007  |  9 Comments

My favorite part of last night was the way she said please. Please, please, like a whisper, or a prayer.... more

music to fuck to

08/04/2007  |  9 Comments

If you like sexy music, music to get the sheets dirty to, music that turns you on, you've gatta check... more

four questions

11/01/2006  |  2 Comments

What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for someone else? What's the most romantic thing someone else ever did for... more

Protected: things will be different later

09/11/2006  |  Enter your password to view comments.

I have returned from Seattle.I thought I would have time to write from there, but of course I never did.... more