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Sugarbutch Star (smut) Chapbooks – $10

10/21/2009  |  4 Comments

Buy a Sugarbutch Star Chapbook!I've reprinted the Sugarbutch Star chapbooks from 2007! I know, I know, the 2008 contest isn't... more

Protected: Breath of fire

03/19/2009  |  Enter your password to view comments.

I had a really intense dream a few weeks back about a tsunami - a series of dreams, really, all... more

more on why this shit ain’t free

07/04/2008  |  8 Comments

I'd like to clarify something about that last request for support: most of my income is not made in this... more

this shit ain’t free, folks

07/03/2008  |  9 Comments

Maintaining Sugarbutch Chronicles has become my part-time job. I spend 10-30 hours on it every week, at least, and I... more