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The Seal Says Happy Birthday

04/04/2010  |  6 Comments

We alcheap kamagral know who this is, right? Jesse James's dawg The Seal (who is on Twitter, @justliketheseal) who... more

Is That 6″ On Your Arm, Or Are You Just … ?

03/31/2010  |  6 Comments

It arrived! My "Prom Is So Gay" tee shirt from Just Like Jesse James. I feel a little weird wearing... more

Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: Prom Is So Gay

03/24/2010  |  1 Comment

My latest column from Sex Is discusses the lesbian prom scandal concerning Constance McMillan. If you haven't been following, Jesse... more

Fucking & Making Love

11/11/2009  |  11 Comments

She looked so damn hot yesterday.I don't know what it was exactly. She was in an outfit I've seen, tight... more

Sometimes, I will never catch up …

10/30/2009  |  3 Comments

Well hello! Hey look! I have an online-writing-project (aka blog)!It's not like I've forgotten. I never do. I am... more

Do you take it in the ass?

10/12/2009  |  2 Comments

Because I've been talking about ass sex lately, and because I've never posted this, and because the queer activism of... more

“Whoops! Where’d my job go?”

10/03/2009  |  9 Comments

Followers of my @mrsexsmith Twitter account will know that my 9-to-5 day job is pretty much over. I've worked as... more

Glee: Single Ladies (Video)

09/24/2009  |  10 Comments

I admit, I haven't seen a minute of the new TV show Glee yet. Seems like lots of folks are... more

when waitresses are kinky

09/28/2008  |  1 Comment

If you didn't see it in my Google Reader shared items or on my shared items sidebar (over on the... more

Protected: universe to Sinclair: high five

09/24/2008  |  Enter your password to view comments.

Okay, so I know I tagged that recent post "the last post about Callie," but I've got one more little... more