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Dear Mr. Sexsmith: Harnesses

10/08/2009  |  8 Comments

Dear Mr. Sexsmith:Can you recommend a company or a website that makes strap on dildos for plus sized women? i've... more

Cocks & Harnesses Recommendations

Cocks & Harnesses Recommendations

09/04/2009  |  3 Comments

This arrived in my inbox recently: Dear Sinclair,I'm transgendered so when I strap although some of the cocks are tempting to... more

Keeping a Leather Harness Clean

07/28/2009  |  18 Comments

I recently got a new harness, the Commando by Aslan Leather, which has quickly become my new favorite (full... more

Review: Jaguar Harness

Review: Jaguar Harness

02/25/2009  |  10 Comments

Everyone rants and raves about the Jaguar harness by Aslan Leather - and I get it, I do: the leather is beautiful, it's incredibly well-made, it feels like a buttery second skin. It's snug, it adjusts well and easily, stays in place, it feels pretty good to wear - I could keep going with the general praise. You might just love this harness, many people do. Personally, though, I just prefer one-strap harnesses, so I'm not crazy about this one. more

Review: Simply Sexy Leather Harness

01/12/2009  |  1 Comment

Good Vibrations sent me the Simply Sexy Leather Harness, a one-strap harness with leather straps and a leather panel behind interchangeable O-rings. And I was not impressed. Let me tell you why.more

why is leather so damn sexy?

09/03/2008  |  7 Comments

I'm not sure I get it really, why leather turns me on so much, I mean, hell, I was vegan... more

Oh look, Sinclair talks about cocks. Again.

08/04/2008  |  1 Comment

I just got Vixskins packing cock Goodfella from Eden this week - it is made to pack with, so its... more

review: undercover harness

07/15/2008  |  2 Comments

I was just speaking about packing cocks, so now I'll throw you a little review of the Undercover Harness from... more

my favorite harness: review

02/26/2008  |  3 Comments

My very favorite strap-on harness, reviewed over at Eden Fantasys. It meets my three major requirements for harnesses:interchangeable O-rings, thin harness... more

Review: Mia-Z (harness)

12/18/2007  |  3 Comments

The Mia-Z Harness by Outlaw Leather, out of Seattle.I'll entice you with the one key little detail here, then you... more