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Review: Aneros Evi G-Spot Massager

Review: Aneros Evi G-Spot Massager

03/09/2014  |  2 Comments

Maybe it's silly, and it's probably 99% an issue of marketing and what the majority of the population knows, but... more

Ask Me Anything: Strap-On Positions When Someone is Taller

05/23/2011  |  4 Comments

Tuesday asked: What’s your advice on positions that work for strap-on sex between people of very different heights? especially taller... more

Cock Confidence: Pack & Play

Cock Confidence: Pack & Play

02/08/2011  |  5 Comments

See also: My Packing Cocks 101 on Sugarbutch Speaking of pack & play cocks: There just aren't very many available right... more

Quick Anal Interview with Charlie Glickman

04/19/2010  |  2 Comments

In the spirit of Anal Week, I'll be doing some quick interviews with sexuality educators, porn stars, and anal lovers... more

Olivia Cruise Contest through Good Vibes

08/18/2009  |  No Comments

Good Vibrations is teaming up with Olivia Cruises to offer a free Trip for Two on their Halloween Cruise. Olivia and... more