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The Great Reader Mini-Interview, part two

10/17/2013  |  1 Comment

What is your relationship to and Sinclair?What advice would you give your younger self about sex, gender, or relationships?What... more

Friday Reads: Favorites from 2010

02/11/2011  |  2 Comments

2010 was the first year I was pretty diligent about using GoodReads to record what I've been reading, and it... more

Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation

10/08/2010  |  1 Comment

You've probably read Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us by Kate Bornstein, published in 1995. (If... more

What do you call your butch?

04/20/2009  |  36 Comments

Specifically, when she's a top, what do you call her in bed? Sir? Daddy? Master? Boi? If she's a bottom,... more